Sense of Humor- A Christian Teacher’s Best Way to Sanctity and Sanity

One of the greatest assets we as teachers can have is a good sense of humor. Without this, we are destined to live in a cell of seriousness that, although very useful in the classroom, can make our lives (and those of our students) a little less lively than God had planned.

After all, Jesus Himself had a pretty good sense of humor. Ken Westby writes in his essay “The Humor of Jesus” the following:

“The Bible is full of irony, wit, double entendre, paradox, epigrams, incongruity, hyperbole, absurdity, verbal subtleties, indirection, clever turns of phrases, and pungency of speech. The Bible says God laughs (Ps 59:8) and we can be sure that the Son in his image did as well.”

He goes on saying,

When times are tough, Paul says stand firm and “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Phil 4:4). Humor is a key component of joy. Jesus said to stop dwelling on the evils all around and borrowing potential troubles from tomorrow (the normal daily dose is quite enough, he wryly observed), rather borrow hope and joy from seeking the Kingdom of God (see Mt 6:33-34). The Christian walk should be a joyful one.

There is plenty in life to smile and laugh about. A forgiven man walks lightly upon the earth and with childlike freshness is quick to smile, quick to see and think the best of others, and easily brought to laughter. He is hopeful of the future, confident of who he is, and able to lift up and bear the burdens of others.

Our lives are made better by genuine religion and genuine humor. In the teaching of the great Rabbi from Nazareth, the two forms are conjoined.”

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So as we “walk lightly upon the earth and with childlike freshness” lets laugh a little more so as to recognize the lighter side of life that God had designed for us when he said that “I came so that they might have life, and have it in abundance.” (John 10:10) This “abundant life” is surely filled with a most holy laughter!

Click on the smiley face below for a few giggle starters taken from real life student work to get us going.

May Jesus live in our hearts forever!

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