The Ten Commandments for Teachers

The following list is taken from St. John Baptist De La Salle’s Collection of Various Short Treatises.  It was designed for his religious congregation of consecrated Brothers who dedicated their lives to Christian Education.  Although it was never intended for the laity, I believe that parts are pertanent in our callings.  At the very least, they give us a way to enter into God’s presence through meditation.


Ten Commandments That the Brothers
of the Christian Schools Must Always
Keep in Mind To Meditate
and in Heart To Practice

1. Honor God in your superior by obeying him promptly.
2. Love all your Brothers cordially at all times.
3. Teach your students well and gratuitously.
4. Do everything in a spirit of faith and for God alone.
5. Fervently use all the time prescribed for interior prayer.
6. Frequently think of the presence of God in you.
7. Often mortify your mind and senses.
8. Keep silence strictly during the prescribed time.
9. Keep chaste by very great recollection.
10. Cherish poverty by willingly having nothing.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!

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