The Rosary, a Christian Teacher’s Best Resource

For a very long time, the Church faithful have received many graces in the contemplative prayer of the Rosary.  For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Rosary looks a bit like this: 
Each bead represents a repetitive prayer that is said (normally out loud) which creates a certain tone of “background music” that is perfect for putting yourself in the presence of God.  Each set of 10 beads is meant to put yourself into a scriptural moment of Jesus’ life.  Each day, these Biblical moments change from the Joyful times of His birth, the Luminous moments of His teachings, the Sorrowful times of His death,  and the Glorious moments of His resurrection.  In short, the Rosary is a very effective way to ponder the life of Jesus so that we can then imitate His virtues in our daily lives.
Christian Teachers (not just Catholics either) have everything to gain from this method of prayer because it brings clarity to our spirits and reason to our vocation.  At the end of each day, we know full well whether it was Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous, or Glorious.  A well prayed Rosary helps us unify such sentiments with the life of Christ, thus unifying His love for us with our love for Education. 
It just so happens that October is the month of the Rosary.  I would encourage the entire Guardian Angel community, Catholic and Protestant alike, to take some time and pray the Rosary this month.  You can dedicate it to the salvation of your students, the success of your school or for whichever other intention you desire.  For more information on how to pray the Rosary, check out It gives a good explanation that will take you through the step-by-step process. 

If you do not have an actual Rosary, do not worry.  The website will lead you through with just a couple mouse clicks.  Even if the site wasn’t available, your fingers are just as good of a Rosary as the actual beaded strings.  Also, as a quick word of advice, don’t worry if the repetitive prayers seems more like a mantra then a spiritual moment with God. 
The more you contemplate the scriptural mysteries that the Rosary provides, the easier it is to go deeper into the setting in which Jesus presents Himself to you.  Don’t be afraid to let Him take you by the hand and guide you through His life.  You’ll be surprised just how much you’ll learn about your own.
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!

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