The Desk

“In my classroom there are a multitude of desks and chairs that my students occupy for 5 days out of the week. They are nothing special, but they put up with the wear and tear of my lessons every day.

Beside my desk, which is significantly bigger than those of my students, I have an extra chair that is connected nicely to an old, rickety desk from the 1940s. It looks out of place and miniscule in comparison to mine. Strangely enough, both I and my students find ourselves sitting in it from time to time. It is different and we like things that are different.

This desk never belongs to anyone in particular. It is never assigned to my students. It is always available, always present.

This desk is my constant reminder of Jesus. In it, I am reminded that I teach each student in the same way I would teach the child Jesus. Furthermore, when I am seated in it, I recognize my need to let Him teach me how I can best teach His most beloved children, even if it means letting them teach me a few lessons.

I watch how time and again both I and my students are enthralled by its difference and consistency. Was not Jesus different? Is he not consistent? Was He not beat up and scratched as well?

Each morning, I sit in the beat up desk of old and pray, hoping to recognize His presence when I stand up to do His will. If I do it often enough, I usually find Him not only in the image of the desk, but in the spirits within my students and within the lessons I teach.”

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!

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