You see through me

And vanquish the worries that barricade my soul

From passing into You

Once these obstacles have been removed by your awesome power

I can only stand in awe at the might of Your presence

At the mere thought of Your love

My soul falls to its knees

My body remains seated

My mind heads for the door

And my heart unhinges its lock

Slowly, while I push,

You pull

And I forget that there ever was a door.

For You are everywhere

And in everything

Even a mixture of soul and dust

Like me.

Though my eyes be struck blind, my ears deafened

Your presence becomes all the more obvious

Though my tongue be dumbed and my fingers frozen

The hands of my soul will remained clasped

And my mouth will sing Your name

For You are not the King of this world,

You are merely its creator.

You are the King of a world more special

Where physical senses have little value

And spiritual beings surround Your presence

How glad I am when You call me to be here

With You

Without my body,

And the obstacles that keep it entertained.

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