Open the Floodgates

Summertime is coming to a close and from a Teacher’s standpoint, the floodgates are about to burst open. Luckily for us, we have been up to our knees in rough waters when we made our commitment to serving the uneducated. Since then, the riptide of politics has brought the waters up to our necks and it is now our job to play the role of lifeguards and get as many minds to shelter as we can.

Thankfully, we have a life vest in our faith and an unbreakable ship in our God that is filled with the faithful who have trodden waters much worse and found serenity on the peaceful shores of heaven. Connected to His mast, we wade in the storm with outstretched arms, one extending to our students and one grasped firm to His strong and callused carpenter mitts.

Today, as we embark on another year’s journey on the path to righteousness, may we recognize the souls who have been cast to sea and are begging us to take them to a place of safety, serenity, and surprise. May we be the unbroken link between them and God whose presence is made flesh again in us and whose Spirit is manifested deep within the lessons we teach. To do so would be to fulfill our roles as their Guardian Angels.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!

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