Effective Teaching Requires Love (and by that I mean God)

The CNN health page recently posted an article on the brain development of children and how it relates to early childhood education.  According to the study, 

“Over the last decade a string of scientific discoveries has shown that the biology driving mental illness has at least as much to do with the environment as with chemicals or genetic inheritance. And it increasingly appears that the single most powerful environmental factor is the love – or its lack – that children receive from their parents.”

If you are Christian, this makes sense.  After all, according to St. John, “God is love.”  So now I’m wondering if our Public schools, which seem to be overwhelmingly obsessed with statistics and studies, will start allowing teachers to talk openly about their faith.  

Probably not, but in any case, we teachers already knew that love was the key to effective teaching, and we didn’t need scientific research to tell us.  

To read the entire article, click here.  

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