God and I Are Dating- Part 1

My love affair started when I began to date Christ.  Sounds funny, but in reality, there is no better way to describe it: When I was in my teens, God and I were dating.

The places we went, the talks we had, even the food we ate were magnificent.  Our minds were constantly turning to the point that our obsession for one another resulted in a constant thought on the others happiness.  We didn’t fight, we had no reason to. We were oblivious to the world and thought that if either of us were to cease to exist, the other would follow for there would be no meaning to life without the presence of the other.

We sought out ways to impress each other.  We sacrificed our time, we spent our money on trinkets and commemorated our anniversary each week with song and dance.  We wrote love notes to each other and tucked them away into a shoe box, taking them out before going bed each night to revitalize the concreteness of love’s expression written on anything we could get our hands on to advertise it- a scrap piece of paper, a napkin, even on our very hearts.

We swore to each other in our joy that we would never change.  Such a feeling was one that our passionate hearts were unable to discard.  We were in love.

(Check back on Monday for part two….)

4 thoughts on “God and I Are Dating- Part 1

  1. My love notes are the poetry I wrote in RCIA. Now I sing in the choir. I read many things I find through New Advent and I put you in my favorites bar to come again. Thank you for your post. Thank you for your work. God bless you.

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