God and I Are Dating- Part 2

Time passed.  The monotonous acts of kindness that we had repetitively showcased to one another became shallow traditions.  There was no meaning behind the 104th love poem He wrote to me, nor the 75th piece of jewelry I bought for Him.  We merely went through the motions, repeating the words “I love you” to the point that our words would come out of our mouths and fall to the floor.  Without the feeling to accompany my desire, a subtle crack split between us and we felt a longing for that void to be filled.

It was then that the sensations I had previously ignored all of a sudden became quite visible me.  Other people, other ways of life, other beliefs quickly became interesting because of the fact that they were different.  I allowed my curiosity to roam free, without God knowing, of course because I thought that was possible).  I was sure to never act on my impulses because I respected my Love to at least that extent, but I longed to experience them, to explore what they had to offer me.  I knew that they could satisfy my longings much more than my God.

So, we broke up.

My feelings then took free reign of my life.  They told me that my opinions were all that mattered, that my freedom should be the guiding force of my decisions.   They said that whatever kept me away from my personal happiness, namely my Ex, was counter productive to my deepest desires.  This unique and inviting philosophy of self journeyed to the core of my being and exploded with a myriad of creative talents that I had no idea even existed.

What was more is that people were responding to these talents with applause.  I was once again loved because I could delve deeper into myself than others!  Surrounded my a multitude of colleagues and accomplices, I invited them to share with me in the glory of our self realization.  We were free from the bindings, free from the slavery, free from the cage of our Ex- relationships.  We could finally bask in the glory of our freedoms and lift our hands high to snatch the wind, heal our world, and create a utopia based on this liberating sensation.

We swore to each other in our joy that we would never change.  Such a feeling was one that our passionate hearts were unable to discard.  We were free to do whatever we pleased.

Part three, the final installation of my testimonial saga “God and I Are Dating”, culminates on Wednesday.  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “God and I Are Dating- Part 2

  1. My, but doesn’t this sound familiar. Only difference being that I was mad at God. He “didn’t listen” to my pleas. So, I too broke-up with Him. How absolutely, utterly ignorantly stupid and self-centered could I have been. God ALWAYS listens to our prayers and ALWAYS answers them… Sometimes His answer is “No, I have other plans for you. Trust in Me.” When I came back to Him, like the Prodigal Son, He stretched His arms wide to accept me back… wide enough to hand on the cross. My Lord God, how could I ever NOT love You!

  2. *sigh*

    As Larry states, sounds way too familiar. And in more ways than one…

    Losing that Loving Feeling is all too common in too many areas 😕

    You will have a Happy Ending, right???

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