Fast Food for Catholics

I am a Teacher, so I know that all of my lessons should, in theory, feed my students. However, I also know that sometimes, I can’t always offer them a three course meal of awesomeness in my lessons. When time constraints, schedule changes and yes, I’ll say it, laziness set in (especially around this time of year), I am forced to give my students fast food learning.

When the Burger King of worksheets and the McDonald’s of silent reading and free writes are put on the table, I’m reminded that Jesus went through the same thing. Think about it, Jesus was all about eating. He ate with tax collectors and scribes, during the sabbath and after feeding the 5,000. He turned water to wine after feasting with the bride and groom and even drank the water from the well fetched by the Samaritan woman to wash it all down. What do most of these meals have in common? They were all prepared at a moments notice and had an impact on the collective spiritual health of the people that far outweighed the time that went into preparing them.

At His final dinner, God gave to us His most precious meal, one that took more time to prepare than the others. Pummeled by the tenderizer of our sins and sweetened by the eternal sacrifice of the Son, the Lamb of God gave to us Himself in the Eucharist- His body and blood. This true food and true drink is a two course meal that incorporates ingredients from every other meal Jesus took part in. When we eat and drink of it, He regenerates the Gospel within us with perfect clarity and makes us spiritually whole. This sacrament is what allows Christ to truly “dwell within” us (Galatians 2:20).

When we teach, we must remember that the driving force of our instruction is not math, grammar, or statistics; it is Christ within us who is able to turn even our fast food lessons into that which satisfies our flock at a moments notice:


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