Approximately how many crosses do you see on a daily basis? The answer might surprise you.

I’m convinced that the most common sights that humans see on a daily basis is a cross.  Besides the fact that many people wear one around their necks to signify their Christian beliefs, when we look around in our human structures and even in nature, crosses surround us.

Let me give you a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Trees- Each tree has branches that, when looked at from a particular angle intersect perfectly with the trunk making a cross.
  • Buildings- very few architectural structures can stand without the intersection of wood or metal beams.  One can’t build up or out without  a cross.
  • Humans- our very bodies were designed with the cross in mind.  While we stand upright, we extend our arms to show love, excitement, and peace- forming a cross.
  • Our classroom- take a look at any math book and see if you can spot an addition problem.  Tilt a multiplication problem on its side and see if that “X” looks like a cross.

If we have our eyes open, these and other subliminal messages from God manifest themselves through His creation.  When we recognize them and acknowledge them, we unite ourselves with Him in a universal “scavenger hunt” of truth.

Wear a cross today to predicate this worldwide symbol of obedience.  If you don’t have one handy, count the millions that surround you, calling you to discipleship.  Do this, and I can guarantee the One Who joins the crossbeam of our will to the horizontal stake of His will unite you with His Son who connects all of creation in His eternal sacrifice.

2 thoughts on “Approximately how many crosses do you see on a daily basis? The answer might surprise you.

  1. Be careful, those so called Christians today might take this as a threat of being “Un-Chritsitan” or worst might call you idol worshippers. hehe, Nevertheless, faith without works and all that. Just saying. : )

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