Get your “Son” tan on this Mother’s Day!

This is my beautiful mother. 

The queen and her princess

She enjoys reading, watching sports and most importantly being around her family (especially her grandkids).  That’s just the regular stuff that all mothers (should) like.  But there is one more activity that she participates in that takes up a lot of her time, especially during the summer months; Ever since I can remember, I can’t count too many days when she did not lay out in the sun.

I’m not kidding, as soon as that blazing ball of heat came out around April (Michigan has long winters), mom was out reading, swimming, playing and finding any excuse she could to enjoy those awesome rays of light.  By the end of the summer, her skin was always darker than the rest of ours, so much so that her tan seemed to carry on throughout the majority of the winter too!  Her glow showed her love for the outdoor air and the bronzing effects it had on her already beautiful face.

Beyond all of that, there was something she loved even more than all of the aforementioned.  Namely, God.  It was easy for us to recognize because she spent so much time in front of Him at adoration, that she somehow managed to get a spiritual tan that made her glow from the inside.  This “Son” tan is what manipulated her every decision, her every move, and it predicated itself in her love for us all.

So, vitamin D might have been her physical savior during those long and lazy summer days, but it was the vitamin G that seeped into her spiritual pours essentially burning her heart aflame.  Apparently, she wasn’t wearing any “Son” block in that adoration chapel.

Perhaps we should do the same.

Happy Mother’s day everyone.

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