Hey Dad,

Hey Dad,

I know you read about Mom during Mother’s day, and I thought I’d write something for you on Father’s day, but for some reason or another, writing about you is near impossible.  Why?  Let me put it this way:

If God is an artist (and He is), then His masterpiece is humanity.  Since we are made in His image and likeness, we are reflections of Him which makes us perfect (in principle), right?

Well, suppose each sin we commit makes us less perfect (which they do).  We start distorting ourselves to look more original, more “like us” so to speak.  Adam and Eve covered themselves with leaves behind a tree and at the climax of human existence, Jesus came and was nailed naked in front of another tree to make up for all of those sins that our original parents (and their kids) committed.

So now, we are forced to go through life as sojourners looking for the shards of this cross and the light that they produce so that we too might share in the pains and sufferings of salvation.  We imitate Christ first by imitating those who we recognize to be most like Him, those who have taken the pains and burdens of their lives and turned them into glorious works of art, masterpieces if you will.

Pop, you have taken on five crosses that bear your (and mom’s) DNA and turned them into masterpieces.  What you created with the shards of wood under your care was brilliantly crafted by your gentle affection, humble common sense, and constant patience.  Wiping the sweat from your brow, the sawdust of your fatherhood has constructed our family into the foundation of love of which you are the common nail and Christ the foundation.  I love you like I love Christ, but it wasn’t until I recognized the intense reflection of Christ within you that I even understood what love was.  It is a paradox, but without you, my supreme Christ with skin on, I would never have met Him.

So why is it so hard to write about you?  Well, frankly, for me to write about you is like a painting trying to complement its artist.  Words wouldn’t do you justice and so, I’m left to live my life imitating Christ by imitating you.

Happy father’s day pop, I pray to our Father that I might be as good a father to my children as He is to us and as you have been to us.

1 thought on “Hey Dad,

  1. Thank you TJ for your kind words.

    “Grace Happens”
    Your Mom & I have been blessed with so much…..5 miracles times 2 equals now 10 miracles of life. It is such a thrill for us to watch each of you grow up and become parents.

    Love DAD

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