Words from a Missionary

Psalms from Saltillo- download now for free.  This compilation is a poetic manifesto of what God does to a soul who chooses to give it all. Called to serve the abandoned and abused youth of Saltillo, Mexico, my wife and I were lucky enough to work alongside present-day saints whose reflection of God’s light shone on us. To this day, their examples and the trials faced while helping those most in need have taught us more than we could ever have dreamed of about regarding Catholic social justice. These poems allow readers to relive that experience.

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The only thing that May is missing to reach perfection is the letter “r”, so I’ve decided to give her a few


Are your dreams saturated, discarnate memories

or wrought swords for your cheerful heart aware?

Are your children prepared for their Savior,

or repentant merely for their unfair share?

Where our poor, degenerate spirits scream,

your tears offer their forever present ears.

Proclaiming your Glory through your never-ending carol,

striking chords internally, for Eternity remains near!

Spiritual Mother Mediatrix, engrave your ardor throughout creation.

Through your relation, stray our cerebrum from Lucifer’s fray.

Entrap our spirits for freedom’s allure, rouse our hearts conformed,

uniform your Spiritual flower growth during your yearly interval: May

If I, a Human Can Be A Trinity, Why Can’t God be THE Trinity?

Man in Three Dimensions

My soul divides itself from freedom
to achieve a final celestial end.
Into a trinity of parts it separates
onto three missions my Lord does send.

I thought I was given only one
When I was but a young seedling of a man
then His vine grew divine from within
and my married life to a saved soul began.

This fruit took a body and soul of its own
and we received His grace and gave her a name.
His covenant poured upon her spirit
and my life could never be the same.

Love engraved itself deep with my being
and His 1st mission for me, turned into three.
In grace He has made me Husband, Father and Son
And part of His mystical trinity.


You have created me from dust
and to dust I shall return.
Although I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of your sandals,
I bow down before thee nevertheless
as the dust that collects beneath Your every step.

Might I be washed clean by Your servant’s hair,
decorated by perfume for Your pleasure?
Or should I be that which collected in Your carpentry shop?
Should I be so blessed to collect
the puddle of tears and blood below Your knees in Gethsemane?
Or be moved, dug deep into a hole
so that I might bear the weight of the cross?

No longer shall I suffer in pain,
as dust I have no greater joy than this:
that after three days You rolled the stone away
and breathed me into Your resurrected lungs.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!
Happy Resurrection day everyone.



My Master speaks in poetry

through the soundless words of His truth.

He stories of His past unknown

by the open souls of our youth.

He composes light within them

to shine with melodious grace,

so all who look upon their joy

can also gaze upon His face.

The young reveal the mystery

like the daybreak fills the night

without their life, we are darkness

but in them, in Him, we find light.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!


You see through me

And vanquish the worries that barricade my soul

From passing into You

Once these obstacles have been removed by your awesome power

I can only stand in awe at the might of Your presence

At the mere thought of Your love

My soul falls to its knees

My body remains seated

My mind heads for the door

And my heart unhinges its lock

Slowly, while I push,

You pull

And I forget that there ever was a door.

For You are everywhere

And in everything

Even a mixture of soul and dust

Like me.

Though my eyes be struck blind, my ears deafened

Your presence becomes all the more obvious

Though my tongue be dumbed and my fingers frozen

The hands of my soul will remained clasped

And my mouth will sing Your name

For You are not the King of this world,

You are merely its creator.

You are the King of a world more special

Where physical senses have little value

And spiritual beings surround Your presence

How glad I am when You call me to be here

With You

Without my body,

And the obstacles that keep it entertained.