Merry Christmas to all.  May this reflection by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen pay tribute to the work you do.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!

Yeh, I’d vote for Jesus

Sparks are emanating from the political front of American society.  The 2012 election is in its kindling stage and pretty soon, fire will engulf our eyes and ears from every media source possible.  This weekend when we Catholics proclaim “Long live Christ the King,” it would do us well to recognize that our own kindling could use a few more sparks.  

A mulit-tiered conundrum dwells in the hearts of Catholics everywhere when the voting booths are put up.  We question whether we are informed enough on the public issues, which of the names on our ballot is the better of the evils and whether or not our choices will be used against us on judgment day.  It is quite a paradoxical situation for those of Christ’s Church namely because we are citizens of both a spiritual Kingdom and a physical democracy.  
My duty to God tells me that I must protect life, justice, and peace.  My duty to my country just happens to be the same.  So why can’t there be one candidate who can do all three without being steered into political debacle, economic distrust, and/or inconsistency?  The answer is because Jesus can’t be our president, nor could anyone like him.  Archbishop Fulton Sheen said it best when he wrote “The people hate the upright because they challenge their norms.  They also hate the felons because they challenge their safety.  Therefore, the mediocre is only allowed to survive” (paraphrased).  
Democracy and Catholicism differ greatly in their approaches to achieving the protection of life, peace, and justice.  However, the two are conjoined by a common conscience that has its root in God’s will  Perhaps if we can join them together, we might be able to regain the trust of our officials be meeting them eye to eye on the same economic, political and intellectual level- at the foot of the cross.

Until Jesus comes back, we are stuck with two robbers who have been crucified at His side.  My vote is for the good thief.
Long live Christ the King!

The World’s First Love by Fulton J. Sheen


Front CoverVery few books have the ability to envelope one’s mind and soul as much as Fulton J. Sheen’s, The World’s First Love.  I must admit that for the past few months, the majority of my time has not been dedicated to the Guardian Angels of Education.  Rather, it has been dedicated to savoring the spiritual food that this book presents.  On every page it seemed like there is something delectable to chew on, to ponder, and to fall more in love with in regard to Our blessed Mother.  
It has been a month since I finished this book, and as I write this post, I am still enamored with the vibrations of Sheen’s words.  His sheer love for our Spiritual Mother is painted in the eloquence of his words that so beautifully describe her. In this book, he describes Our Lady’s role our tireless spiritual companion and he calls us to recognize her importance amongst the backdrop of modern society.  
One of the arguments he makes is that the roles of both men and women have changed  since the promotion of a equality amongst genders.  He claims that since men and women are becoming more and more “equal” in the economic and social senses, the rearing of “real men” and “real women” has been affected to a point that little honor is given to either of the sexes.  He argues that women and their innate nurturing dispositions are the foundation of functional society.  Like Mary, their ability to foster boys and girls into “real men” and “real women” is pivotal to the survival of our race.  Without strong women, both men and children lack direction and love.
As I stated before, this book is filled with so much spiritual “meat” that every page requires the reader to ponder in their hearts the meaning of Mary’s role in their lives as well as her importance to Christ’s plan of salvation.  It is the best book I have read in many years and I recommend it to anyone who has questions about Mary or the Catholic Church in general.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!