God and I Are Dating- Part 3

Time passed.  The monotonous acts of freedom that we had repetitively showcased to one another became shallow traditions.  There was no meaning behind them.  One by one, each of the members of my community lost their passion for the cause and left me.  I was alone within the confines of my own freedom, left with nothing but an abyss much larger than I had ever felt before.

Across the canyon, I saw God.  He had the same inviting and peaceful look on His face as the day we met.  I was enamored by the nostalgia that came after seeing His profile.  Strangely enough, as I lowered my gaze into the great divide, it began to fill itself with letters, trinkets, drawings and every gift we gave each other.  Soon, every word we spoke, even the ones that I thought had merely fell to the floor, began to pour from a rain cloud into the hole like water mixing our material manifestations of love into one mass.

It had filled up to the point that we could easily swim to one another, but just as we were about to jump in, the cloud itself came down and filled the air with its vapor making sure that nothing could be seen.  My God, the abyss, even my own arms were caught in the mist and what surrounded me was the dense smoke of my own thoughts.  Countless memories of my Love seemed to be filling the air, even the flashbacks I had when we were no longer together surfaced into the clouds, blinding me with their intense reality and overbearing joy.

I swore to myself in my joy that I never wanted to change. But it was then that the clouds quickly disappeared. Like pigeons to a juggernauting five year old child, the memories flew back into the sky and I was left at the shore of the water filled canyon, prostrate and teary-eyed for all that I had left.

I felt the wind blow my salty drops of sadness from my cheek and heard them as they fell on the sandals of my Love.  He had crossed the sea, His clothes were dripping wet, as mine were too from my own agony.

We embraced, but the feeling was no longer like that of our teenage obsession.  It was… different.

“Do you see what we made together?” he asked, pointing at the sea.

“Yes,” I replied cheerfully.

“Watch as I make it whole.”

I begged Him not to go.  I pleaded with Him to not leave me.  I swore in my joy that I was sorry for leaving Him and that from now on I would never change.  We needed to be together.  I needed us to be together.  Such a feeling was one that my passionate heart was unable to discard.

To my great dismay, I watched my God walk away from me and into the water.

Slowly, His body sunk into the waves.  The water surrounded his ankles, then rose up to his knees, waist, chest, and finally to His shoulders.  When He was neck deep, He turned his head back to me, looked me straight in the eye, smiled at my once again tear-covered face, and the water completely engulfed His body.

Just then, the waters themselves exploded with immense force.  The waves blocked the sun from view and the drops jumped off of each other to scratch the surface of the sky.  Like an atomic bomb, the mist clouds gathered together then imploded across the great divide sparing nothing from getting wet.  The sound resonated across the entire earth and when the swish swash of the millions of waves finally ceased, the chasm was completely filled with a firm foundation of unmovable, indestructible matter.

What had happened?  Where was my Love?  Why did He abandon me?

Worried as to whether or not I should, I poked my foot around the spot where the shore had been moments ago.  I took one step.  Solid.  I took another.  I continued along until I heard a voice.  No, there were several voices.

“Where did He go?” one said.

“Why am I here?” spoke another.

“Can anyone hear me?” questioned a small girl.

“Help me, please…” squealed weak, distraught voice.

The mist gave way to the light, and as I walked upon the now solid foundation of the chasm that once was, I saw the people whose voices I had heard.

I quickly ran to the weakest voice, the one that was begging for help.  I found a young boy who couldn’t have been much older than eight years old, dying on the side of a road.  His body was thin and there was no food for miles.

I leaned over to pick him up in hopes of taking him to find shelter, food… something!

“I thirst…” he whispered.

Without hesitation, I brought him to the nearest puddle.  He didn’t have the energy to move, so I cupped the water into my hands and scooped it into his open mouth.

“It is finished…” he gasped.  Then, with the same peaceful look of confidence, He looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and breathed His last.

“Where did He go?” one said.

“Why am I here?” spoke another.

“Help me, please.” whispered a small girl.

I swore in my joy that I was sorry for leaving Him and that from now on, I would never change.  For it was then that I realized that my feelings have little, if nothing, to do with love.  Indeed, it is only in sacrifice that I am united with my God upon the foundation of His love.  It just so happens that the result of this sacrifice is an inexplicable joy that was unknown to the restlessness of my youth.

God and I are no longer dating, we are one.

2 thoughts on “God and I Are Dating- Part 3

  1. Gracias…

    Your words…your vivid description…

    “my feelings have little, if nothing, to do with love.”

    This is where many of us, where I Fail.

    It is just too easy to get swallowed up, engulfed in that wave of selfishness! In the I Hurt. You Hurt Me. Why Me?!

    Gracias por la Invitación. Se lo agradezco de TODO Corazón! I am Flattered Beyond Belief!
    Me encantaria, Seria un HONOR poder contribuir de alguna manera, de tomar parte y de poder decir que trabajo hombro virtual a hombro virtual con usted 😀

    God Love You and Thank You. Especially for this Story ♥

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