Public or Parochial?

Christian teachers have a huge dilemma.  We question our vocation on each end of the educational spectrum.  Our qualifications make us eligible to serve in God’s vineyard in two particular sectors, the private Christian schools and the local public schools. Our hearts and minds are geared towards service, but the question that dwells in our hearts is, in which sector does God want me to labor?

Public school teachers have a difficult task.  They are shackled by prohibitions and have the most amount of work in their care.  Without ever being able to use Christ’s teachings vocally, they are asked to till a difficult soil in silent action and produce miracles.  On the plus side, they usually receive good pay and a tremendous sense satisfaction after completing their work.

Parochial school teachers also have a difficult task.  While they can rely on the common spirituality of their pupils, they tend to receive little monetary recompense for it.  Also, they are most times asked to till the soil with less workers and less tools.

In both sectors, the laborers often wonder what it is like to work on the other side.  The public school teacher ponders how much more effective s/he could be if s/he were allowed to preach the good news orally and the christian school teacher wonders whether his or her ability to serve would best suit students in a struggling public school.

When the day is done we all come together to receive our pay.  While some might make more temporally, we all receive the same wage spiritually.  God has placed you in your sector because you are needed there.  Without you, He is less represented.  With you, He manifests His generosity.

Now get to work.  Souls are at stake!

2 thoughts on “Public or Parochial?

  1. I need to print this, laminate it, and stick in my 2012-2013 lesson plan book. Nothing like teaching with gratitude. Nothing like it.

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